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Writing Lab is for lovers
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Bonjour, lovers!

Welcome to the Writing Lab Mod 1 livejournal community! First of all, meet your lovelygorgeoushawteffinawesome moderators:

Danyella La Salsa!
Maurabelle Thomas!

Put us together & we are probably the loudest kids you'll ever meet. We even turn into dinosaurs sometimes.


Danyella La Salsa
Livejournal: ____cohesion
AIM: hoodupknifeout
Myspace: Danielles myspace
Email: myfakefrench___@hotmail.com

Maurabelle Thomas
Livejournal: kraftasparagus
AIM: desired risks
Myspace: Mauras myspace
Email: brandnewbrighteyes@yahoo.com

We worship one god, and one god only, his name is Mr. Sullivan
you all kneel down as Danielle makesout with him
Yes, he may have weird ties and he may always have a carabiner on him, for no reason, but we love him and he is god like.


If you are not in Writing Lab Mod 1 then you will not be accepted into this community! So just get the eff out!